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AMERIGO is a network of Latin American Quality Language Schools

The following schools are the founding members of this network:

  • Tandem Santiago, Santiago de Chile (member of Tandem International)
  • SET Idiomas, Córdoba, Argentina (associate center of the Cervantes Institute)
  • Academia Buenos Aires, Argentina (member of Tandem International)
  • Academia Uruguay, Montevideo, Uruguay (member of Tandem International)
  • Intercultural Lenguas Extranjeras, Mendoza, Argentina (associate center of the Cervantes Institute)
  • Academia Bariloche, Argentina (member of Academia schools)


All of our schools share a series of characteristics that make them especially attractive for students from around the world and of all ages:

Spanish in Latin America– central, safe locations with easy access to public transport

– 8-12 fully equipped classrooms per school

– multilingual and professional administrative staff

– strong hands-on management involvement in running the schools

– curricula based on the Common European Framework for Languages

– small class size (max. 7 students per class)

– fully trained and experienced teaching staff

– possibility to combine school destinations every week

– academic report system for continuing students between schools

– only one registration required, even if combining destinations


We work with select travel and language travel agents from around the world and are interested in expanding our agent network when we meet agents who share our drive for excellence. We offer agents:

– a central reservation and invoicing system: one-stop-shop service

– the possibility to sell a city-hopping product with a quality guarantee

– a complete product range in all schools at similar prices

– interesting economic conditions with incentives for mutual growth

– special packages and tailor-made programs for groups and university program


You may wonder about our name

The name AMERIGO is inspired by Amerigo Vespucci, the Italian explorer, navigator and cartographer, whose name in 1507 probably inspired the cartographer Martin Waldseemüller to use the word “America” to describe the continent of South America on a world map. Vespucci’s main contribution to our history books was to have pointed out that the continent Columbus described was not the East Indies, but a new mass of land unknown to Europeans.

While Vespucci has remained a mysterious personality, some of his writings have been put in doubt and the exact dates of his voyages are unclear, the majority of historians believe the term “America” can be attributed to him. That is the continent which we invite you to get to know better by studying in one of our schools. And yes: we are well aware that the name “America” represents a very Eurocentric way of denominating a continent that had a very rich cultural, economic and political history before it was “discovered” by Europeans. We believe that getting to know other peoples, their languages and customs and living for extended periods of time in a different culture is a very contemporary way of diminishing any kind of “centrism”.




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Stronger links

We proudly welcome a new member to our group of select schools! Intercultural Lenguas – Extranjeras offers Spanish courses in Mendoza, Argentina and is accredited...


Sustainable Tourism

Both members Academia Uruguay and Academia Buenos Aires are now member of the sustainable tourism network RTRGlobal, which is active in different countries in Latin...



Tandem Santiago Spanish school has renewed its membership at Fair Chile. The fair Chile seal certifies the member having contributed to mitigate  CO2 emissions...


Excellence award

Tandem Santiago has been awarded for the 11th year in a row with the languagecourse.net Excellence Award 2013. Congratulations to our member! This Award is given...


Faculty-led program

AMERIGO´s Buenos Aires and Santiago schools will cooperate between september and december in receiving a group of 25 university students from California, USA. The...


II Congreso Internacional de Turismo Idiomático

All AMERIGO schools will participate in the Second Convention on Language Tourism in Valparaíso, Chile, from september 28 to 30, 2011. At least two of the academic...


Spanish teacher training

Our member school in Buenos Aires has recently launched the second edition if its spanish teacher training course, “Diploma Universitario en Enseñanza de...