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Terms and conditions


Students shall comply with the national laws and regulations currently in force and agree to maintain responsible, respectful, honest and polite standards of conduct at all times during their visit.

The cost of accommodation, transportation, personal items and health care assistance or any other expense arising out of or related to the participation in the trip, whether foreseen or unforeseen, are not included in the price of the chosen Spanish course/program.

Students require a comprehensive international health insurance policy to cover health care costs during their Spanish course/program.

Students personally assume all risks, whether foreseen or unforeseen, for any harm, injury or damage that may befall them while traveling or participating in any activity during their visit. They are fully responsible for their baggage and personal property throughout their trip.

Students have no health-related conditions or problems that preclude them from participating in the chosen Spanish course/program. They are solely responsible to make available to AMERIGO SCHOOLS accurate and complete information on their health status and the health insurance policy purchased. They accept responsibility for educating and informing themselves about diseases, illnesses and any other health concerns that may result from traveling to our countries. Certain inoculations and immunizations may be recommended or required to enter the countries, and students are responsible for obtaining them.

The following economic conditions apply to the Spanish courses/programs offered by AMERIGO SCHOOLS

a) All courses must be fully paid on day 1 of classes.

b) All banking and financial charges resulting from a payment realized by the student to AMERIGO SCHOOLS shall be at his/her expense.

c) In case of cancellation of the chosen course/program before its starting date, the registration and reservation fee paid (140 USD or its equivalent amount in Euros) is neither reimbursable nor transferable to a third person. If the student has already paid the total price of the course, AMERIGO SCHOOLS shall reimburse 70% of the amount exceeding the registration and reservation fee until 24 working hours before arrival at the school or housing arrangement, whichever occurs first.

d) If the student wishes to change the starting date of the chosen course/program, AMERIGO SCHOOLS should be notified at least one week before the starting date initially agreed. Otherwise, he/she will be charged USD 50 or its equivalent amount in Euros, whichever applicable.

e) If the student wishes to change the chosen course for another one, he/she will be charged 60 USD (or its equivalent in Euros). The duration in hours of the new course will be proportional to the amount paid for the original course.

f) If the student cancels an already started course/program, no refund will be made. This course/program is not transferable to a third person. However, we do offer you the possibility to take paid-for courses at a later date or to transfer this “credit” (minus penalties, see above) to other students not currently studying or planning to study at AMERIGO SCHOOLS.

g) In the case that AMERIGO SCHOOLS exceptionally cancels an already started course and there is not a similar one available, the student shall take a mutually agreed alternative course, which duration in hours will be proportional to the amount paid for the original course.

h) AMERIGO SCHOOLS offers group courses only if there are at least 2 students enrolled with comparable levels of knowledge of the Spanish language. If the student chose a group course and it is not possible to open it because of insufficient enrollment, he/she will be offered a one-on-one course, which duration in hours will be proportional to the amount paid for the original course.

i) The period over which a purchased course/program extends constitutes a unity (it cannot be interrupted and continued later for any reason), unless the student has arranged with AMERIGO SCHOOLS to take one or more breaks (no Spanish lessons taught) within the total duration of the chosen course/program when applying.

j) If for some reason AMERIGO SCHOOLS does not or cannot provide an important part of the service promised and paid-for and cannot provide a comparable service, AMERIGO SCHOOLS gives the student the option of a reimbursement corresponding to the part of the services not provided. The academy will make no reimbursement in case of force majeure) and strikes.

Classes shall not be given at AMERIGO SCHOOLS on the holidays informed in its webpage each year. In such cases, lessons shall be rescheduled in agreement with the student.

Unless explicitly denied by email, students give AMERIGO SCHOOLS permission to reproduce and use for educational or promotional purposes any and all photographs, videos, written testimonies or sound recordings taken during the student’s participation in the chosen Spanish course/program.

Students individually, and on behalf of any person representing them, release and forever discharge AMERIGO SCHOOLS and any member of its staff or agents (in their official and individual capacities) from any and all liability whatsoever for any direct or consequential loss, injury or damage arising from any of the aforementioned situations.


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