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  • Cathy Duchateau, Belgium

    I wanted to speak Spanish and only Spanish and it was possible because all the explanations were in Spanish. It’s was great because I really thought in Spanish it was not only learning. I loved it.

    Cathy Duchateau, Belgium

  • Deepa Daniel, Australia

    The classes were a lot of fun (tango) and the asado was tasty traditional and an informal way to meet other students. Alta Gracia was a lovely town and I was able to practice my Spanish a lot with Carlos. I think the activities at SET are great and help to make SET such a great school…

    Deepa Daniel, Australia

  • Erica Siekkinen, USA

    Class was extremely productive and efficient. Every minute was used to the maximum. As one-on-one instruction, I received very specific attention and each class was instructed according to my specific needs. My teacher was incredible. SET is very organized. On top of it, besides improving my Spanish, SET was a very helpful, caring, supportive resource for me as a foreign student in Argentina. I was very impressed with SET and my experience there. I definitely recommend taking classes there.

    Erica Siekkinen, USA

  • Josefina Burlington, Australia

    I have been taking Spanish classes in my office for the past two months, 6 hours per week. I knew some Spanish before I arrived here and am forced to speak Spanish with my colleagues. However, if it had not been for the classes I took at Academia Uruguay, I would not have been able to pick up so quickly on the grammar and pronunciation. Very professional, highly recommendable.

    Josefina Burlington, Australia

  • Lenka and Ian from United Kingdom

    La escula en Santiago es maravillosa. Estudiamos alla por dos meses y aprendimos muchisimos. Luisa es una profesora fantastica! Anny, la secretaria, es muy amable y profesional…..

    Lenka and Ian from United Kingdom

  • Paul Jewell, England

    SET IDIOMAS has a perfect mix of professionalism and friendliness. The classes were well organized and flexible enough to meet my needs. I took a week of one on one intensive classes with two excellent teachers. The completion of the course material was well managed between them, and all aspects of my Spanish improved considerably in such a short space of time. I would definitely recommend SET IDIOMAS to anyone wanting to learn Spanish as a foreign language.

    Paul Jewell, England
  • Piotr Wisniewski, Gliwice, Poland

    SET IDIOMAS was a great choice. They not only helped me improve my Spanish significantly but also thanks to their fabulous and very friendly staff made me feel right at home. I would never expect to be able to communicate in Spanish so well after just a couple of months.

    Piotr Wisniewski, Gliwice, Poland

  • Romain Lecuyer, France

    As a musician, I really wanted to learn basic Spanish, get to know the roots of Tango, understand at least some of the lyrics and learn more about the Argentine history. Mission accomplished! I met an amazing number of “Porteños” (the people who live in Buenos Aires) and their respective stories. At the end of my stay, Francisco and Virginia helped me plan a backpacking trip that led me all the way from Patagonia to Peru. Thank you!!

    Romain Lecuyer, France

  • Yasser Charafi, Morocco

    For me, Academia Buenos Aires has been the ideal place to freshen up my Spanish. I had travelled extensively through Latin America before doing my Master’s degree, but had never gone through a more rigorous Spanish training program. The teachers at Academia Buenos Aires definitely knew how to adapt their lesson plans to my special needs. I have nothing but praise for the Academia and Buenos Aires one of the trendiest places in Latin America. The city that never sleeps….

    Yasser Charafi, Morocco


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