Horse racing has always held a special place in the hearts of betting enthusiasts the world over. The Crown Oaks Day, a prestigious event on the Australian racing calendar, is the perfect opportunity for a budding punter to try their hand at horse racing betting.

Important to know right out the gate is that success in horse racing betting requires more than just luck; it demands a well-thought-out strategy.

Below, we explore how to bet on the Crown Oaks Day with focus on wagering for the win: this is Crown Oaks Day Betting 101.

A Short Trip Through Time

Despite the fact that the very first “Oaks” was competed on a normal working day, the event instantly became one of the most popular horse racing occasions on the Australian Horse Racing Calendar.

The race is hosted annually and is run over a distance of 2500m. Today, the Group 1 feature race for three-year-old fillies offers more than a whopping $1 million in prize money.

This year’s race will be run on Thursday, November 9, 2023.

Rules To Wager By: Form

Assessing a horse’s recent form is one of the most crucial considerations in horse racing betting.

Punters should pay close attention to their performance in the lead-up races to the Crown Oaks Day.

A good rule of thumb and starting point is to look for horses that have consistently finished well or have shown improvement in recent outings.

Horses with a strong recent form are without exception more likely to perform well on race day.

Track Conditions: Read The Turf

Track conditions too, play a significant role in horse racing, no matter which race you’re wagering on. This is mainly because different horses perform better on various track surfaces – for example: firm, soft, or heavy.

The Crown Oaks Day track conditions can change instantly due to weather, so stay updated on the day of the event.

A horse that excels on a specific type of track may have an advantage if the conditions on the day align with its own particular strengths.

Don’t Discount Long Shots

While favourites are often the go-to choices for many sports bettors, long shots can provide excellent value if they have a plausible chance of winning.

Underdogs with a strong recent form or a history of performing well at the track can be superbly attractive bets, as they often come with higher odds and the potential for a substantial payout.

Bet With Your Story

Statistics have shown over and over again that there is a direct link between keeping betting fun and achieving wagering success in sporting events. Instead of randomly picking a horse, consider placing your Crown Oaks Day bets with a unique story in mind.

Remember that each horse has a tale, whether it’s about its lineage, the jockey’s journey, or the trainer’s legacy. Explore these stories and choose a horse that resonates with you personally.

Betting with a narrative (story) in mind can make your even wager more meaningful and enjoyable.

Winning Trivia

  • Leading trainer of all time: Bart Cummings – 8 wins.
  • Leading jockey: Bobbie Lewis – 7 wins.
  • Most recent winning filly: She’s Extreme (2022).